2.5% Discount with full payment of your order within 30 days.

3.5% discount with full payment of your order within 30 days.


Order Flow

Place your online orders daily


Seasonal Offers

Gain significant discounts by placing your orders for your seasonal purchases early

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Without eliminating its personal phone communication with the pharmacist, LSL Pharma further strengthens its online ordering process. On the one had minimizing the time of telephone dialogue for important and necessary matters (clarifications, orders with particularities etc.) while on the other hand contributing to the optimisation of the contemporary pharmacist’s operations. Keep in mind that the electronic transmission of orders is ever increasingly gaining a greater percentage of customers and offers multitude of advantages!

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Obtain full control of your pharmaceutical stock in real time! In this way, you are always able to answer questions regarding the availability of products at any time of the day, which is necessary even though the depot is closed

Place your orders online easily, quickly and any time you choose without having to make a phone call while your customer is waiting

Eliminate the possibility of making mistakes on your orders

Automatically update your purchase invoices

Keep your outstanding amounts payable under control and keep informed of the history of your orders
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